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Gift Horse

Sep 24, 2021

Mike and Tracy ponder a gift to prevent the recurrent disappearance of occupants from the house next door. Mike offers local goods and services with just a hint of the supernatural. Tracy shows up with the promise of spa treatments and home invasion.


"Dewdrop Fantasy" Kevin MacLeod (

Sep 17, 2021

Tracy and Mike critique the business plans of our nation's ailing mall kiosks. Along the way, Mike is gifted a mega lesson in hydraulics, and Tracy is gifted the world's first good custom-designed pet novelty item.

Sep 10, 2021

Mike's lawn game gift for Tracy is a totally original and innuendo-laden intellectual property. Tracy's lawn game gift for Mike comes fully playtested by drunk college students.

Sep 3, 2021

What gift do you get for the Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, and Ross who have everything? Tracy obligates the Friends to spend up to six weeks a year on a boat that is emphatically not theirs. Mike confines the Friends to an underground dungeon with all the amenities.

Romi Golan - I'll Be There for...