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Gift Horse

Feb 18, 2022

Mike and Tracy find their gift exchange limited to the iconography of the heart. What other shapes are there for love, or Cheetos, to take? Which heart items are for hiding, which for flaunting, and which for farting climate change? Who is Dudenugget?

Feb 11, 2022

Mike gifts Batman a new way of being a man in this fallen world. Tracy brutally doxxes him for the sake of charity. Even the Penguin knows that this is a great episode.

Feb 4, 2022

Mike and Tracy discuss and exchange discontinued products. What are the most unexpectedly lethal toys? Which Cheeto flavors did Mike kill? Whose birthday is it, and how does that affect the competitive collectible card game scene? Which synthesizer does Trent Reznor credit with revolutionizing music? You'll have...